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Bailin Co.® is located in Dongen, North Brabant, where our warehouse is that also serves as a showroom for our collection of leather and imitation leather ladies bags, trolley suitcases, and massage chairs. However, Bailin Co.® has been active since 1996 as wholesaler in the world of import and export, and mainly targeting trading companies, wholesalers, and retailers.

Since the beginning, Bailin Co.® has traded in numerous products such as leather, linen, gifts, jewelry, scarves, travel bags, and more. Even though we are still actively trading in various products, Bailin Co.® has gradually specialized in fashion accessories like leather and imitation leather (PU) bags and women's scarves. In our bags collection you will find a variety of stylish and fashionable handbags, shoulder bags, and evening bags. All our ladies bags are from the Dutch brand Bailin Co.® and other brands. Have a look at our products page.

We also provide a nice collection of ABS- and PC trolley suitcases which are available in trendy colors and stylish versions. These quality travel cases are from the Italian brand Van Gather®. Another line in our collection is massage products, a result which emerged from collaboration with a well-respected family business. These products can be found here: "Health Companion®".

Besides the products that Bailin Co.® possesses in its standard collection, we also offer our import and export services. It is also possible for Bailin Co.® to aid you in your search for specific products and import these for you. You will be offered a good value for money and always a good service. Find out more about our services in the relevant section.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.